6 Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs Mixologists Bartending

You’re ready to take the next step, but..

We won’t lie. Wedding planning can get overwhelming. If you feel dazed by all the plans for the party, we’re here every step of the way to help you pull off a smooth, worry-free day. 

Okay. So now that you’re sporting that gorgeous ring on your finger, it’s time to spend the better part of the year researching, figuring how to use a spreadsheet, deciding your venue, booking suppliers, finalizing your guest list, handling family politics especially when your mom wants to change the invites! 

Read on why we think hiring Mixologists Bartending can save you from possible party planning nightmares.

1. Mobility

Mixie is the perfect solution for outdoor events and weddings! Mobile bars are portable and can be set up anywhere. When you don’t want all your guests cramming under a marquee, 

Mixie is a great option of recreating a traditional bar experience anywhere you like.

2. You Can Get a Fully-Stocked Bar

Hiring our mobile bar services gives you a clear picture of how much your party is going to cost you. With a bar setup, it’ll actually help you save a bundle. You will enjoy a stellar bar experience without the fuss as you will have all of your supplies in one place. Mixie comes complete with professional bartenders, equipment, glasses, garnishes, displays, a fridge and more!

3. Stress-Free Event

We know how stressful wedding planning is, that’s why we want to keep your sanity intact. The thing about Mixologists Bartending is, we don’t just chime in with tips and advice but we do a bit of digging into who you are and your personalities. Our main goal is for you to enjoy your party without having to lift a finger. We can put together a quote in a flash and help keep you up-to-date with emails and constant updates. 

Not sure which alcohol to serve your guests? Or thinking about creating a signature drink to impress everyone? Go ahead  and send us that email. Even ask us about how to apply for a special event permit, we’ll be happy to walk you through all of the steps because you deserve a rockin’ wedding party! 

4. Unique Bar Experience

Don’t be afraid to take your party up a notch! We understand that there are tons of ideas you might want to incorporate to make even the minutest details feel curated. Let’s have a chat and help you with creating your very own Drink Menu. Our Alcohol Calculator will help you evaluate how much of each type of alcohol you need to buy.

Your guests are guaranteed to be served fast and efficiently with our professional bartenders.

And if you’re dreaming of a stylish bar on your backyard deck on a beautiful summer day, Mixie will definitely add charm and personality to your event.

5. Great for Themed Events

You can customize, get creative and turn any design you have in mind to reality. We can set the mood for the event, from the drinks on the menu to stylish decor, Mixie adds more character and gives you gorgeous photos to look back on.

Think about a custom-made cocktail menu or surprise your guests by letting them try our handcrafted, artisan Drink Bombs. There’s 40+ flavours and colours to choose from, you may pick the ones that blend well with your theme.

6. Life of the Party

Not only will a pop-up bar can be tailored to match your needs, it seriously changes the game! While your guests gather around for drinks, we carry on our mission to get everyone on the dance floor. We have a serious dedication to keep the drinks flowing, rally the crowd and let you have a great time!

It’s important for us to look into the smallest details and make sure our clients are taken care of. After all, your wedding day is a celebration of love and happiness. 

From the moment you say “Yes!”, and even after you dance the night away, Mixologists Bartending will help ensure your once in a lifetime event is worth every penny you’ve spent. Months from now, when you’re looking at the photos and reminiscing about your big day, you’ll be happy you hired us to create memories that last a lifetime!

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