Summer Drinks from Okanagan’s Fresh Grown Ingredients

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When those temps start to get toasty, Mango Lassi may not be the only answer. One of the best ways to cool off is trying a few new sips at home or sharing these drinks with your friends on a weekend barbecue dinner. We think it’s time to move past the usual Vodka Watermelon Cocktail, don’t you think?

Crops are being produced all year long. Fruits and even vegetables aren’t totally new to cocktails. Best example is tomato — which is a key ingredient to Bloody Marys and Caesars. Greens like celery, mint, rosemary, basil, have been traditionally used as garnishes to add a layer of complexity to cocktails. We picked out these special cocktails that would be perfect to whip up with depending on which produce is in season.

What’s in season in June? Cherries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Tomatoes and Saskatoon Berries

Strawberry Gin Smash

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We can’t keep this little secret from you, it’s a drink we’re sure you might have tasted from one of the weddings you’ve been to. And we don’t mind bringing sexy back!

This drink showcases sweet, ripe red strawberries. You can choose your favourite spirit — rum, whiskey, or gin all work! Mix it with lemon, lime juice, or bitters to muddle with your sugar or top with a spritz and mint leaves.

What’s in season in July? Apricots, Celery, Peaches, Gooseberries, Nectarines and Cucumber

Italian Riviera

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Someone call us ‘Dora’ because we’ve done a looooot of exploring lately. We’re trying to find recipes to jazz up your summer and let’s see how we can help you have a great time! Here’s one of the best we found.

Just add Aperol to a highball glass, mix it with ice, and top with Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic Water. Garnish with thin cucumber slices or citrus and a crack of sea salt. Voila! You’ll feel like you’re on a holiday lounging under beach umbrellas.

What’s in season in August? Carrots, Crab Apple, Plums and Peaches

White Peach Julep

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Alcohol-free summer? We don’t think that’s realistic. If you’re already thinking of doing something fun next week, sippin’ on a cocktail or two is not a bad idea at all.

Summer is one of our many excuses to drink more of the classic Mint Julep. But we can do better. Now let’s get straight to the juice! 

This cocktail is made out of fresh white peaches, peach liqueur, bourbon and mint sprigs. Sounds delicious, right? You can’t afford having just a glass of this. Just remember to drink moderately! (wink, wink)

What’s in season in September? Apples, Cranberries, Grapes and Melons

Cranberry Caipirinha

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Please don’t get caught up in a lie that your summer will be boring, even if you have to stay indoors. Maybe you’re not bikini-ready and push-ups are not your favourite, but hey, there’s always a solution! Begin with a little lime juice and a handful of fresh cranberries. Muddle those and top it off with a great cachaça and cranberry simple syrup.

See? You don’t need to hide under a kale salad when you are out enjoying these cocktails by the pool. It’s a small sacrifice to help you live a little from being in quarantine for so long. You might not be quite as excited as we are but that’s understandable. After all that has happened, we think it’s finally time to say “f*ck it” and head to the beach with a margarita in hand!

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