3 Reasons Why My Drink Bombs Are Better Than Regular Cocktails

The holidays are nearly here! Christmas is a time to eat, drink and be merry and this year, we think we’ve got the ‘drink’ part of that list covered.Everyone loves sharing a few cocktails with family and friends, so why not try out a whole new way to enjoy cocktails this year? My Drink Bombs are the innovative new way to get a taste of your favourite concoctions – simple, colourful, exciting and, of course, delicious! Here’s three reasons why My Drink Bombs are the best new way to enjoy your favourite cocktails at home. 

The Quickest Cocktails Around

You don’t need to be a mixologist to create your favourite cocktails at home, but sometimes it certainly helps! Most cocktails take a few different ingredients, including a mix of different alcohols, syrups, garnishes, so getting hold of all the components can be costly. Then comes the making of the cocktails – getting the right measures of each ingredient and shaking and mixing them all together. The end product is delicious, but we all know it’s a whole lot of effort.With My Drink Bombs, you can have a delicious cocktail ready in seconds – no mixing, no shaking and no long lists of ingredients.Simply select your favourite drink bomb, drop it into your choice of carbonated beverage and watch it fizz! You can combine your drink bomb with soda, sparkling water, champagne, beer – there’s so many possibilities to explore. After that, add your preferred alcohol and say ‘cheers!’ with a delicious, no fuss cocktail!With My Drink Bombs, everyone can enjoy their favourite cocktails at home with no complicated ingredients and no tiresome shaking and mixing. 

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Your Favourite Cocktail, At Home

With My Drink Bombs, how you enjoy your cocktail is totally up to you! My Drink Bomb comes in over 40 different flavours, with a flavour for each and every classic cocktail you can imagine. Whether your cocktail of choice is a Pina Coladaa Margarita, a Bellini or a Champagne Spritz, there’s a drink bomb for you. There’s even Martinis, except these ones aren’t shaken or stirred – they’re fizzed! Drink bombs are made with a variety of natural ingredients, including some particularly luxurious ones, such as 24k gold leaf, gold dust, rosebuds and hibiscus and each one tastes absolutely delicious in its own way. With such wonderful, vibrant flavours, you don’t necessarily need to add any alcohol at all to enjoy your drink bomb – combined with your favourite sparkling water or soda, drink bombs make for excellent mocktails. While each drink bomb has its own recommended cocktail recipe, all 40+ flavours are incredibly versatile and will perfectly compliment whatever you decide to combine them with. Get creative and try out a wide range of different combinations – you could stumble on your new favourite cocktail, My Drink Bomb-style! Whatever your cocktail of choice, you’ll find a whole new way to enjoy it with My Drink Bomb. 

Organic Cocktail, Say What?

My Drink Bombs are low calorie, vegan and organic, so are much better for you than many other sugar-heavy cocktail syrups.We don’t just stop at complimenting your favourite alcoholic beverages, either – My Drink Bomb also has something for the little ones with Bomb Squad For Kids.These junior drink bombs will be bring fun and fizz to the table and are available in a range of delicious flavours, including cotton candygrapplestrawberry kiwi and even birthday cake!There’s even the Vita Bomb, packed with vitamin C and zinc to give your kids a helpful boost in energy! If you struggle to get your kids to take vitamins or enjoy healthier foods and drinks, this is a way to boost their immune system that they’ll love just as much as you do.We know it’s not just kids who could use a drink bomb boost.Have you and your friends over-indulged during a night out? Woken up feeling a little fuzzy the next morning? Kickstart the day the right way with our Hangover Bomb, the perfect morning cure!Hangover Bombs contain activated charcoal and tangerine extract, two ingredients which are sure to leave you feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, even after the heaviest of evenings out with friends. Combined with your preferred brand of sparkling water, these will have you feeling back to your usual self in no time at all.My Drink Bombs aren’t just the newest and most innovative way to enjoy your favourite cocktails, but are also the healthiest way to enjoy them, too.

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Try Them For Yourself!

If you’ve never tried My Drink Bombs for yourself, now is the time. Open yourself to a whole new way to enjoy delicious mixed drinks by browsing all 40+ flavours in our vibrant range today!Click here to shop our selection of Drink Bombs. 
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